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The agriturismo “Le Specchie” was born as a touristic facility next to of the farm “Loredana Ricci”. The farm was established in 1989, when the family Ricci purchased the farm Sardella with his 110 hectares of surroundings and the attached trullis, actually converted in the suites of our agriturismo. Since then the entrepreneurial interest adressed towards two main activities: breeding of trot horses and oliveoil production. The secular olive trees in our territory have been producing a high quality extravergin olive oil, for a long time. In 2000 an additional 10 hectares plot of land was raised on a slightly higher ground to cultivate a young “uliveto” of 3600 plants with trees of Nocellara of the Etna and Pesciolen. After six years of patient and devoted work the first olive oil has been pressed in 2006. It is as though the land has rewarded all the efforts and sacrifices, giving an extravergine olive oil with a degree of acidity of less than 0.3, and an extrardinary fruity and mild taste. The “uliveto” is at the heart of the so called area “Colline di Brindisi” (Brindisi hills), which also consists of Ceglie Messapica and St. Michele Salentino.

North of the complex you can find “Specchia di Talene”. Although time worn out had the best over the ancient structure -of which only a few remainings are visible today- it is possible to have a breathtaking view of the surroundings, from the summit. Knowing its troubled history it is possible to imagine the anguish of the messapis warriors that used it as a defence outpost to oversee incoming enemies. The site is extraordinarily charming and suggestive. The beneficial influence of these ruins will physically and spiritually engage you.​

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